Plantation Parade On The Great River Road  
Plantation Parade On The Great River Road
Laura Plantation Video
Laura: A Creole Plantation
2247 Great River Road, Hwy. 18
Vacherie, LA 70090
(225) 265-7690 | (888) 799-7690

Named "Best History Tour in the U.S." by Lonely Planet Travel and "Top Travel Attraction in Louisiana" by the L.A. Travel Promotion Association, Laura's "Creole Family Sugar" tour details 200 years of real-life stories of owners, women, slaves & children of this sugar plantation. Guided tours based on 5,000 pages of French documents and upon Laura's own "Memories of the Old Plantation Home." Built in 1805, still surrounded by sugarcane, the farmstead stands with 12 historic buildings, gardens and the slave quarters where the west African folktales of the legendary rascal Br'er Rabbit were recorded.


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